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A Great All-Rounder!

Our most popular women’s model, the WAHINE is named after the Hawaiian and Maori word for “young woman surfer”. The WAHINE is a little shorter, thinner and lighter than the SISTA but still has Kahuna’s fast rocker line for superior glide. The Warrior WAHINE bamboo is built using wood veneer integrated into Kahuna’s wide board shape that allows the girls to play in the waves, paddle the lakes and perform some yoga. Having a wider shape this board is excellent for both beginner and experienced paddlers.

Package includes: Board, Bag, Fin, Leash, 2-Piece Carbon Paddle.



Size: 10' x 32.5" x 4.25"
Construction: Compression Molded Epoxy
Total Capacity:  Up to 200 lbs
Weight:  27 lbs



10" FINS:crewless center fin

GORE-TEXVent valve

BOARD BAG:  All around 3/4 zip bag

ANCHOR TIE:  For securing an anchor or weight

COMPRESSION MOLDED Epoxy construction

3K CARBON STANDING ZONE:  Strong, stiff and more impact resistent

4.75” CORE:  Maximum volume for larger sized paddlers


About Construction:

Our WARRIOR Series has been manufactured for the past 4 years using a proven method of epoxy construction called "Compression Molding". The compression molding process starts by using a CNC machine for precise and consistent shaping of the WARRIOR Series blanks. The precision shaping allows the board blank to fit and be compressed in our exclusive KAHUNA mold. We apply heat with vacuum pressure to aid the curing process ensuring shell consistency and strength. For added rail strength and overall board durability, the standing zone has an additional top layer of fiberglass cloth wrapping over the deck and extending to the underside of the board.

The 2018 WARRIOR Series still features the “K-Rail”, an extra 6” layer of Kevlar cloth that wraps the entire rail. This Kevlar wrap adds resistance to paddle strikes and dock dings. Another great feature that remains is the “3K Carbon Standing Zone”. Adding a layer of carbon weave not only adds to the durability of the board but makes this area stiffer, more resistant to heel dents. This also reduced our board weight by 2.7%.

Kahuna 10' WARRIOR Wahine, BAMBOO All-round boar

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