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DR.SLICK scissors are the choice of fly tyers worldwide. Whether you’re new to fly tying or a hardened production tyer, DR.SLICK scissors will maximize your fly tying enjoyment, production and quality.  Each scissor is inspected, adjusted and tested before leaving the Dr. Slick shop, assuring you a tool that won't fail on the bench.

For maximum performance and longer scissor life, two main rules apply when choosing scissors for tying. First, match the scissor to the types of materials you tie with most often. Most scissors in the DR.SLICK line can handle both natural and synthetic materials with ease, but if you tie predominantly with synthetic materials, consider the new generation of scissors like Tungsten Carbide, Razor and Prism that are designed to handle these materials. Second, match the scissor to the size and type of flies you tie. If you tie small flies without much mass or material, use small finer blade scissors like Arrow, MicoTip and Iris. Conversely, if you tie larger flies, with more mass and material, consider larger scissors with heavier blades like All Purpose, Hair or Razor. Great scissors make great flies!


All scissors are made from 410 Japanese stainless steel with a Rockwell hardness of 45, except the Razor scissors which are made from 440 J2 stainless steel with a Rockwell hardness of 55.



This is the one to have on your tying bench.  The ever popular and versatile 4" model is designed for small, medium and large flies.  Excellent for natural and synthetic materials.

All Purpose Scissors, XBC by Dr.Slick

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