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Taiga Nano Zip Air, 9'8" X 34" Inflatable Paddle board

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Product Details
Brand: Taiga Boards

The Nano Zip Air is the perfect all-around SUP board: its featherweight and compact dimensions make it a must-have for travelers. With its incredible smallness, it's ready to take on all your adventures!

Length Width Thick Volume Weight Complete Kit Weight Capacity
9'8'' 34'' 4.75'' 255 L 15.6 lbs 28.6 lbs 325 lbs
Configuration: Single fin
Board pressure: 20 PSI for a maximum rigidity with the X-WOVEN FUSION & STRINGER tech. Approved by TAIGA.
Shape: Concave nose leading to a flat body and tail
Features: Zip Air Tech: a technology we've developed so that the board can fold in half on itself before being rolled. This technology allows for storage in carrying bag that's 50% smaller and more compact than normal SUPs.


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