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Sunova- Flatwater FAAST PRO 14'x 21.5" Balsa (DEMO)

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Brand: Sunova

THE FLATWATER FAAST PRO is exactly what the name would suggest, an amazingly fast shape, that’s as stable as can be.

If you are looking for an extremely fast flatwater board with maximum glide and stability this is the one for you. With a deep concave bottom this board is ridiculously stable and nimble, meaning you can drop down to a very narrow width making it super quick.

If you’re looking for a quick board on the flat then this is the Faast for you.

Construction: XXX Tec - Balsa Wood - Watch video

Dimentions: 14' x 21.5"

255.8 L



Skinny slicing nose and wider tail. Very skinny nose outline with the tail still wide enough for kick turns. The wide tail matched with the right rocker has a very clean release so the board planes very easily.


Hard round rails through most of the board. Fairly hard rails to keep width and stability but soft enough not to grab hold of any side chop of other boards wash.


Minimal flatwater rocker. To achieve maximum glide we have used as little rocker as possible while still keeping a clean almost planning style release from the tail.


Deep single concave. This improves stability and enables you to ride a narrower board versus a flat bottom.


Dugout standing area to keep riders lower for stability and power.


Single. For maximum straight line speed.

video review:

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