Paddle Fitness & Wellness



About the Series
This series is designed to increase your fitness level, build core strength, improve paddling techniques and condition your body to perform better on the water (and off the water too!). 

This series runs once a week for 6 weeks and starts the week of May 16th, ending the week of June 20th,  2022.


6 week series Includes:


*6- 60 minute coached paddle workout sessions on the water on your paddleboard.

Your instructor will begin each session with a warm up, and end with a core workout and stretch.  The middle of the session includes a higher intensity paddling workout that will incorporate a new paddling skill introduced and practiced just before the workout.  The technical tips aim to improve efficiency on the water that builds over the course of the series. 

Confidence, improved mental and physical health, stronger paddling skills, new friends, and discovering a great method to get fit outside are some of the expected outcomes from this series.  These sessions are not only a great workout, they are a lot of fun!   

*12 Pre-Programmed workouts to do on your own time on your own schedule. 6 of these workouts will be paddling, and 6 workouts are 'dryland' sessions specifically programmed for paddlers.


Series Fees: $169 + taxes

*prices and dates/ times are subject to change

2022 Paddle Fitness Session Options :

For Advanced Paddlers:

Option #1: Tuesday Evenings    6:40pm to 7:40 pm.   or

Option #2: Thursday Mornings, 7am to 8 am. 

For Beginner & Intermediate Paddlers:

Option #3:    Tuesday Evenings 5:30 pm to 6:30pm     or

Option #4:    Thursday Mornings  8:05 am to 9:05 am.        

**New for 2022** 



A slower paced fitness/wellness session on your board that features a combination of paddling movement, balance training, core strengthening and deep stretching.  This is for all experience levels as movements can be scaled to suit fitness levels.  A perfect way to begin your day! 


This series runs twice a week for 4 weeks for 45 mins each session and begins the week of May 30th, ending the week of June 20th,  2022.


Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 9:15am - 10 am

Fees:  $124 +taxes         

$199+ taxes if you do not have paddleboard and equipment and would like to use ours each week. 


*prices and dates/times are subject to change

What you need
Stand up Paddleboard
PFD ( inflatable belt is ideal)
Quick dry workout clothes suitable for the weather conditions and change of dry clothes ( just in case!)

Spaces are limited to 6 per session, so register for your spot sooner than later! :)